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Our massage therapists in Sherwood Park are highly regarded professionals in our community. At Vadara in Sherwood Park, massage is an art form practiced with great care and attention to each client’s individual massage needs. We offer a wide array of massage therapies to suit your needs and our registered Sherwood Park therapists always provide an in-depth consultation to ensure you experience the correct massage therapy. Regardless of which massage service you choose, you will leave feeling completely rejuvenated.


At Vadara in Sherwood Park, we pride ourselves on offering an impressive suite of spa services to suit your needs.  Our registered therapists always provide high-quality salon services in a warm and comforting environment with an in-depth consultation to ensure your experience is ideal.

Our certified and licensed massage team is what separates us from the competition; our spa service providers have a passion for the job that they are doing and e have specifically designed our salon spa environment with your needs in mind.


Contact us today and see why we have the best massage Sherwood park can offer!

Massages Sherwood Park

  • Massage (60 min) 90Improve circulation, create balance, de-stress and melt away any worries during your massage experience with one of our registered Sherwood Park massage therapists. Your massage therapist will consult with you to determine whether you need massage therapy for relaxation, deep tissue therapeutic, or a combination of both. We will ensure that you are calm and relaxed when your massage service is completed. 70 (45 min) | 120 (90min)
  • Hot Stone Massage (60 min) 120Enjoy the delectable signature stone massage in Sherwood Park. Choose an essential oil that soothes your senses during the massage. Hot stone massage helps balance the energy throughout the body, helping with circulation and restoring body integrity. This massage is meant for relaxation.
  • Mom To Be (60 min) 95This relaxation massage is for the entire body, and is preformed in a comfortable side lying position. Carefully selected oils pamper the growing demands of the skin while relaxation techniques improve circulation and relaxation. This massage service is not available during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Vadara’s Scrub Couture 70At Vadara we have created a scrub and polish bar. A truly customized service for you, select your choice of salts, or polishes and scent, the therapist will then prepare your personalized scrub couture. This treatment will exfoliate dead skin cells, tone, moisturize, prevent cellular damage, and relax your senses. Your body will have a fresh clean glow, hydrated and soft.
  • Vadara’s Body Bliss 120Deeply restore depleted skin as a warm body mixture is applied to the entire body. We have selected a blend of body treatments to help you hydrate, tone and renew the skin. Your Sherwood Park massage therapist will help customize your body wrap to suit your needs. Our body treatments begin with a light full body exfoliation, then the body wrap is applied to your entire body. Your service is completed with a light full body hydrating massage.
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